The Arrival

10-year-old Hie falls into the realm of the gods, through fragments of star orchids arriving in Cou 175586. A strange and mysterious ancient world with water flowing above and below. Enormous blue trees and celestial clouds float around him.



Hie falls onto a giant tree stump full of orchids. A light flashes, and Oazomu, the divine bird of harvest and prosperity, appears. Oazomu is holding in her talons a glowing tree leaf which she gives to Hie. The leaf is full of knowledge about Cou life and farming. After Hie expresses his gratitude, a traditional Cou headdress appears on his head, representing wisdom of the harvest, and afterwards wherever Hie walks, sacred millet grows.



Oazomu leads Hie to an ancient maple tree with an arrow stuck in its root. As he pulls the arrow out, a giant boar spirit emanates from the root and surrounds them. Terrified by the beast, Hie realizes Oazomu has turned into a bow. Hie draws and shoots an arrow into the monster which explodes and scatters down as red maple leaves. Hie realizes that he has gained the wisdom of courage as the leaves turn into the traditional hunting jacket worn by Cou warriors.



While admiring his new warrior jacket, a little genie boar falls out of the tree onto Hie’s head. To thank Hie for freeing him, the genie boar summons the maple leaves to take them to see Hamo, the supreme Cou being. They land on a floating island with a kuba, the traditional sacred gathering place for Cou men. Hamo is waiting for them, appearing as a tall man wrapped in a deer skin, warming by the fire. Oazomu flies to Hamo and shares what has happened, and Hamo turns her into a warrior spear, which he hands to Hie. As he receives the spear, Hie is transformed into a man wearing the traditional attire of the Cou warrior. The voices of the ancients begin to sing, and Hamo places fire onto the spear. “You must tell your people what you have seen and learned here,”Hamo says. “Oazomu and Fuzu will go with you to help you. Once you raise your spear, you will return home.” Hie raises his spear, and is lifted to the stars, surrounded by brilliant light and fire, transported back home to share the wisdom of the ancients.